“And you have come to mount Zion, city of the living God…”

Hebrews 12:22

ABOUT Zion Company

Zion Company International is a global ministry that seeks to engage Heaven and transform earth through the life-giving Person of Jesus Christ. The mission of our ministry is to reveal Jesus in word and deed, demonstrating His Kingdom, power, and glory to the nations!

We are an interdenominational ministry that seeks to light ablaze the Church in revival and Kingdom change. We believe an authentic, spirit-filled life is key in bringing this generation into the fulness of their God-given destiny.

The Zion Company is engaging the great commission by boldly proclaiming the full-gospel of the Kingdom in salvation, healing, deliverance and power. We are committed to serving the nations in compassion and missionary efforts. We have also successfully conducted gospel crusades, feeding and clothing outreaches and several revival services in over 17 nations now!

Our hope and prayer is that God would use us mightily to leave a lasting Kingdom impact in the earth and a revelation of Jesus Christ to every person we meet.

The Zion Company
PO Box 282. Terrell, NC 28682



Alex Parkinson is a Revivalist, prophetic voice, and an international Evangelist and the Co-founder of The Zion Company, alongside his wife, Jordan. He is an author and currently a student at Oral Roberts University (Online). His passion is to see world awakening and has been used by God to radically demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit in thousands of lives around the world.

Alex is a husband to his wife, Jordan and a father to their two sons, Zion and Eli. They reside in the Charlotte, NC area where they serve at their local Church.

Alex and Jordan are licensed and ordained through the Renaissance Coalition, an organization which originated as the International Faith Commission launched by John G. Lake in 1908, and serve as overseers with the network. 



Jordan Parkinson is a prophetic voice for our generation and is used by God to speak to the Body of Christ through dreams, visions and other supernatural encounters. She is also known for her compassion toward the lost, carrying God’s heart for souls, missions and the miraculous. Jordan is currently a student at Oral Roberts University (Online), an overseer with The Renaissance Coalition, and a wife to Alex, and a mother to their sons, Zion and Eli.

​Jordan and Alex live in the Charlotte, NC area where they serve at their local Church.

​Alex and Jordan are licensed and ordained through the Renaissance Coalition, an organization which originated as the International Faith Commission launched by John G. Lake in 1908.

What we believe

1. We hold as fundamental in everything that Jesus Christ is our only Lord and Savior

2. Justification and sanctification of the believer through the finished work of Christ

3. We hold that the Holy Bible is the infallible Word of God, is the foundation for all decisions and is supreme in all manners is the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

4. The virgin Birth, Sinless Life, Atoning Death, Triumphant Resurrection, Ascension and Abiding Intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ and His soon return and second coming to the earth.

5. The unity of the Godhead and the Trinity of the persons therein.

6. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit with signs following.

7. The utter depravity of human nature, the necessity of repentance and regeneration.

We have had the honor of knowing Alex and Jordan Parkinson for several years now, and it is a great privilege to fully endorse their ministry, Mirror Image Ministries. We have witnessed first-hand the healings and miracles that have taken place through this dynamic couple. It is a true testament to their faith and intimacy with Jesus Christ. They are bringing a powerful revelation on the believer’s identity; transforming The Body of Christ. They walk in true humility and integrity and are rising leaders in this Millennial Generation.

Charlie & Brynn Shamp

Founders Destiny Encounters Intl
It is my honor to commend to you the ministry of Alex and Jordan Parkinson. Integrity is foundational for them. I have witnessed their desperation for revival and the harvest of souls, knowing them over the years. Their ministry is hall marked by revelatory teaching accompanied by healings, signs, wonders, and miracles. You will be greatly blessed by their ministry and compassion. God is raising them up as next generation power evangelists in our day!
The world and the church are crying out for authentic ministry. Alex & Jordan Parkinson are true Word and power ministers that bring Jesus to the world by preaching the gospel and releasing the power of the Holy Spirit to the church. They are a voice speaking grace/truth to every generation and extending hope to the broken and healing for the wounded. They cross borders and have great effectiveness in growing the Kingdom and strengthening the church. We are honored to work with them and can attest to their compassionate and effective ministry. We are amazed to see the power of God working through them and cannot recommend them enough.

Kevin & Debbi Andry

Pastors LifePoint Church - Bedford, Indiana