Sow into the harvest today!

We want to thank you for praying about sowing into our vision to see a true release of God’s Kingdom in the earth. We believe there is great power in partnership. It is unity that enhances our sense of purpose and effectiveness in the Kingdom. Those who are in one mind and one accord in Christ become limitless. Cities are touched and nations are transformed when two or three touch and agree together.

With the mandate for worldwide awakening in mind, it is important to remember that it is impossible for one person to accomplish the great commission. It takes a partnership between the Body of Christ to see the full manifestation of heaven on earth. Together, we can reach a world that is in great need of a touch from God. Would you pray and consider either giving a one-time offering or becoming a key partner with us today in the gospel?

The Zion Company International is a Faith Based Organization 501(c)(3).

‚ÄčTo send checks, please write it to Zion Co at PO Box 282. Terrell, NC 28682.


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